Do Animals Stress When Their Owners Leave?

If you’re a pet owner who has to be away from home for long periods of time, either for work, vacation, or to care for a loved one, you may be worried about your animal’s wellbeing.

We love our animals and we hate to be parted from them. But when life happens and you have to hire pet services to care for your furry friend, you may wonder: do animals stress when their owners leave? If so, how can a pet service caretaker help them destress and make the separation easier for your pets?

Separation Anxiety In Animals

The answer is, yes. Some animals become more anxious when their owners leave them. This is called separation anxiety, and while it is more common in dogs, it can occur in cats, as well.

Your pets may develop separation anxiety for several different reasons. If you habitually leave them alone for long periods of time, that is one potential cause for their anxiety. If this is the first time since you adopted your pet that you’ve gone on a long trip without them, that may also trigger a separation anxiety response.

Signs That Your Pet Has Separation Anxiety

Not every animal experiences separation anxiety. For those who do, you or your pet caretaker may notice the following signs:

  • Scratching on or digging at doors and windows
  • Crying for seemingly no reason
  • Peeing or pooping where they’re not supposed to
  • Staying hidden for long periods of time
  • Not eating or drinking
  • Chewing on their paws or limbs

These signs of stress can be alarming for both the owner of the pet and the pet’s caretaker. It’s important, for the animal’s physical and emotional wellbeing, for the caretaker to soothe them and help them destress.

How Pet Services Reduce Your Pet’s Stress When You’re Not Home

How can a pet sitter reduce your pet’s stress when you’re not at home? Below are 4 ways they can help.

1.   Keeping The Areas Where They Pee And Poop Clean

Did you know that a dirty, full litter box can stress out your cat? Obviously, though, you can’t keep it clean when you’re not at home.

That’s where a pet caretaker is extremely helpful. They will clean out litter boxes, as well as provide animal waste removal services for any other kind of small animal you may own. This is a basic, but important way that the pet sitter can help reduce your pet’s separation anxiety.

2.   Playing With And Exercising Your Pet

Playing and exercising are important for dogs as well as cats. These activities help relieve stress in animals just as they do in human beings.

If you have a dog (or multiple dogs), your pet services caretaker will walk the dog, run with the dog, and play fetch with the dog. If you have a cat or two (or more!), the pet sitter will walk the cat and tempt them to play with strings, fuzzy mice, and other feline toys.

Keeping your pets busy throughout the day will also help them to not notice your absence as much.

3.   Kenneling Your Dog

Some dog owners perform puppy training and teach their dog to feel comfortable in a kennel. In many cases, a kennel-trained dog will consider its cage as a safe place to chew on their favorite toys and sleep.

When you hire a pet sitter, you’ll have someone at home who can kennel your dog when they exhibit signs of separation anxiety. The cage may help your dog feel more safe and secure, despite the fact that their beloved owner is away.

4.   Feeding Your Pet Regularly

Small animals have their own routines for eating, and they stress out when those routines are broken.

That’s why it’s best to hire a pet sitter when you leave home on lengthy trips. A pet sitter will follow your pet’s schedule and feed them regularly, so that when it comes to this important part of your animal’s day – eating – they don’t experience any anxiety-inducing disruption.

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