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Sunshine Works’ service hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We always strive to deliver the best work possible at the best local price available. While low, our prices reflect the insurance we carry in order to protect the client’s possessions should the rare instance of damage occur. A lower price from an uninsured company will not serve the client if damage occurs.

Our flat pricing is simple to understand and affordable. There are some exceptions, please contact us for additional details.

While we quote a cleaning job sight unseen, the initial assessment of the house will determine the length of time required to clean it to Sunshine Works’ standards. The first cleaning and a deep cleaning usually take more time, while recurring cleans take less time. Our cleaning professionals work fast and efficiently so the cost stays reasonable. When you sign up for the subscription service, every effort is made to send the same cleaning employee(s) to your home for reasons of familiarity.  

One-time service orders don’t require a contract. Sunshine Works requires a contract for recurring subscription services (i.e., weekly housecleaning, etc.) so that we may plan our work schedule accordingly and offer a discount on an already affordable price.

Sunshine Works provides all the equipment and professional grade cleaning agents required to clean your home, including environmentally friendly products if you prefer them. If you prefer that your personal equipment and supplies be used, Sunshine Works is not responsible for any damage caused from using them.

When you commit to a weekly scheduled service, Sunshine Works offers a 15% discount from the hourly price. Even better, your service will always receive priority over one-time services that aren’t subscription-based. When services are skipped, the price reverts to the normal hourly amount.

Sunshine Works always strives to provide dependable services, and we are honored when you refer your friends and associates. It pays to refer because you receive $25 off your next service for every referral that uses one of our services.

We maintain the right to refuse and/or terminate services when we feel the situation is warranted. These instances include, but aren’t limited to, inappropriate or uncomfortable situations and the presence of severe clutter, weapons, unsanitary conditions, disconnected utilities or safety concerns.

The scheduled service will not be performed, and a cancellation fee of $100 will be charged.

We ensure that all potential employees pass a background check and drug test prior to employment, and once hired, they are held accountable for their actions. In addition, Sunshine Works is fully licensed, bonded and insured to protect our employees and your possessions in the rare event of breakage and damage.

Sunshine Works has taken the steps to ensure your information security. Credit card transactions are processed by stripe or clover, which does not store credit card information. In addition, our scheduling form is protected by 256-bit security protocol, and our website is protected by an extended validation SSL certificate that proves our legal identity.

When services qualify for instant pricing on our scheduling app, it is based on the assumption that the job requested will not surpass the time allotted. Sunshine Works reserves the right to re-evaluate the time required to perform a service to the client’s standards, and we will contact the client to discuss price and service revisions before the work is performed. Our crew will be required to leave and a cancellation fee of $50 will be assessed if upon arrival they encounter conditions that would require extra time to perform the service and we cannot reach you for advisement. If you elect to have the service performed for a specific number of hours only, we will work down the prioritized list of needs you provide.

Clients only need to be present during jobs that require it (home companion, hair services, etc.). Many of our clients work during the day, and access to their home is gained from a protected key or security code they furnish. Any keys held by Sunshine Works are securely kept. Keys may also be hidden on the premises, but at the owners’ liability.

Sunshine Works provides animal care, including pet sitting, dog walking and waste removal. While we love pets, our employees are instructed not to provide any service if they believe an animal to be a threat. We will gladly work around pets during any service visit, but we ask that their activity be limited in the areas our employees work in. If an employee must leave a service visit early due to an aggressive pet, a cancellation fee of $50 will apply.

We prefer to schedule service visits in geographical order to reduce trip time and associated costs. While service subscribers receive time priority over those who schedule one-time services, unexpected occurrences (traffic, parking, etc.) sometimes arise, so we ask for a 90 to 120-minute arrival window from the scheduled time.

Mold removal is a specialty process, and OSHA regulations prohibit our handling or cleaning of items containing mold. We do not clean human bodily fluids or homes that have been hoarded. While we provide bathroom cleaning, we ask that any urine or feces be removed prior to our visit. We do not clean animal waste or litter boxes unless specifically contracted to do so. Liability reasons prohibit our employees from using ladders or moving objects weighing more than 35 pounds. We ask that you move these objects prior to cleaning.

Sunshine Works accepts all major credit cards and cash at the time service is rendered. The credit card on file will be charged for the total due if payment is not received when the service is rendered.

Your complete satisfaction with our work is important to us. In the rare event our work failed to meet your expectations, we will make it right within 48 hours by reservicing the problem area for free. We stand behind our work, and we’re delighted to have you as a client.

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